Allutherian Orchid Tears are a rare drug made from  flowers found only in the faery land of Allutheria.  It is well known through Ga'leah for its psychological effects which often include altered thinking processes, closed- and open-eye visuals, synesthesia, and an altered sense of time.

Typically, Tears are taken orally, but can be ingested through mucus membranes such as the nasal cavaties or through the eyes.  In it's purest form, it resembles an indigo powder but it is often disolved in water before being sold to lessen the effects of the drug and allow dealers to make more money from what can be a very difficult product to obtain.


The use of Orchid Tears can cause pupil dilation, reduced or increased eppetite, and insomnia.  Other physical effects are largely dependent upon the psychological effects of the drug but can include numbness, weakness, nausea, hypo/hyperthermia, elevated blood sugar, heart rate increase, perspiration, tremors, and more.

The psychological effects of the drug vary from person to person, depending upon the state of mind of the user, envionment, and dose strength.  They can also vary from 'trip' to 'trip' or over the course of an extended 'trip'.  It is pausible for the effects of a trip to have long-term psychoemotional effects which cause a change in personality and life perspective.  Hallucinations during a Tear-induced trip have also been known to cause complete psychological disintegration and restructuring of the user's historical personality and memories.  If the drug is forced upon a user in a hostile environment when they are not mentally prepared for its powerful distortions of perception and thought, the effects are often unpleasant and more damaging than the effects of a user who has taken the drug of their own accord in a comfortable environment.


Allutherian Orchid Tears are produced from a flower found only in the faery land of Allutheria.  This irredescent orchid is harvested after it is in full bloom.  The blossoms are placed in a cauldron of boiling water and cooked until all of the water has evaporated, save a gelatanous indigo substance found at the bottom.  Flowers are strained out, and the gelatin is allowed to dry into hard bricks.  These bricks are later ground into a fine powder and sold as Allutherian Orchid Tears.