Avilon Vaughn

Portrayed by: Liana Liberato

Created By: Panda
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Human
Position: Former Tailor's Apprentice


Avilon Vaughn was a tailor’s apprentice in Caerleon. The fifteen year old knows very little of her past when a mining accident left her an orphan a few months before the Blight hit Ga’leah. The Forebearer took interest in her spirited nature and helped her find a home with the tailor. Avilon, called Avi by her friends, who she deems is everyone she gets along with, has worked diligently with the tailor. While she is grateful for somewhere to stay and call home, she is restless to go beyond the area she is familiar with in Caerleon. She dreams up of adventure and in the days she cannot claim excitement, she talks to anyone she can to gain their knowledge and stories while they travel through Caerleon. Her best taste for adventures is with the Forebearer, as the God of Time as deemed her a worthy time traveler’s companion. One of her main goals with him, however, is to make the forlorn god laugh. It was a task she did eventually succeed in.

The chance for a different trajectory in life came at an unexpectedly. Avilon was busy making a delivery of handkerchiefs when she ran into a giant on the road. He insisted her package was his, and she denied him that. The moment before she could be a human pancake in the road, Avilon blurted out she killed seven with one blow earlier in the day. This was a half-truth, it was seven flies, but the giant took it as her opponents being humans. He challenged her in tests of strength, which she turned into an exercise of wit to assure that she will survive. The giant left her alone when the afternoon was done, and she made her late delivery. Word spread of her strength, something she did not have, and Avilon imagined she could get training since she proved her worth. That luck had not turned her way yet as people are wary of her tale and nervous to take her on. Thus, she remains a tailor’s apprentice until an opportunity of adventure and family appears to her again.

Shortly before the Blight started to effect the Yarrow and kingdoms to the North, Avilon arrived home to her place in Caerleon to find out that the Walking Starvation attacked her neighborhood. One of the victims was the tailor and father figure. Devastated, the young teenager fled. She has since taken up refuge with the Caerleon court, but Avilon is still in the process of finding her feet and energy again.

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