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Carmelide is the name of a castle and the surrounding land in a small portion of Dokrayth.  It is the ancestral home of the Aerons of Dokrayth, the last of which was Lord Leodegrance Aeron

The AeronsEdit

The Aerons were a noble family in Dokrayth whose lineage could be traced back over many generations. 

Lord Leodegrance Aeron was the last known living Aeron.  After the disappearance of his daughter, he had no living heirs he deemed worthy of inheritting Carmelide.  The noble line was believed wiped out with Dokrayth during the Blight.

Castle CarmelideEdit

Castle Carmelide is a moderately sized castle in Dokrayth complete with stables and gardens.  It sits close to a small creek fed woodland.  The land surrounding Carmelide is sparsely populated, primarily by those who work for the Aeron family.  The woodland is rumored to sometimes be a camping location for a roving band of gypsies.