Although Humanity and the Fae were the two most prominent races created by the Gods to populate the world of Ga’leah, other less populous species have sprung up through various methods.

All of the Supernatural Creatures of Ga’leah were created by either the Gods. Some were intentionally fashioned to take guardianship of specific landscapes, just as Merkind were created by the Coming Tide to care for the world beneath the sea. While others were created accidentally just as the Lycans were created by the Huntress when a curse she placed upon a human male went awry and fashioned a creature even she had not anticipated…a creature capable of creating more like himself.

The Fae themselves have crafted some Supernatural Creatures in their self-fashioned home of Allutheria in manners very similar to those of the Gods. While some were intentional, others were not.

Supernatural Creatures, just as humans, have no inherent ability to control magic. However, most of them were given magical abilities upon their creation. These abilities vary from species to species but usually come akin to a supernatural weakness.

While, in theory, some Supernatural Creatures might be able to wield the magical objects of the Fae, most do not have the courage to try. The magic of the Fae comes at great cost, and many fear that the cost of their magic might come at too steep a price for a creature created by magic itself. Still, some are brave enough to attempt it. A few even survive the attempt.

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