An introductory paragraph (s). Please explain the gist of the court in question. What makes it unique? Why is it important to Allutheria and the world of OUAN?

History Edit

How did this Court come about? Who founded it and why? Have there been any historical events of note for this Court since it's inception? If yes, please explain them and provide links to threads if at all possible.

Culture Edit

What is the culture of this Court like? What beliefs were they founded upon? Do they have any special customs that set them apart from other courts in Allutheria? Feel free to break this down into any sub-heading 1 subsections you feel necessary to give this area some flow.

Members of Note Edit

Who are the important members of the Court? This is not limited to merely royalty of the court, characters in play, or even canon characters. Please break them up with sub-heading 1 titles. Feel free to explain each character's importance to the court and provide links to their wiki pages (or ask a staff member to help you do so.) Characters not in play can also be described here but should be marked as open characters and should only have 1-3 sentences describing their importance to the court.

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