Dunyazad Midas
Princess Dunyazad after being turned to gold
Created By N/A
Status Turned to gold by Midas
The Basics
Gender Male/Female/Non-Binary
Age 14
Species Unknown
Position Princess of El Dorado
Affiliation Unknown

Dunyazad Midas Edit

Princess Dunyazad Midas was the youngest child and daughter of King Midas. When Dunyazad's siblings were sent from the palace to ensure the safety of the Court and the preservation of the Knights of the Caliphate, she was left behind with her father.

When his armies descended on El Dorado, the Gem King demanded King Midas surrender Dunyazad as a hostage in exchange for retreat. Midas refused, causing an argument with his daughter. Without a true understanding of the gift the jinn had granted him, Midas reached for his daughter to console her, accidentally turning her to gold.