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Location Dokrayth
Characters Baby Behr, Goldilocks, Mama Behr, Papa Behr
See Also Aeswick, The Yarrow

Goldilocks is a European folktale first recorded by British writer and poet Roberth Southey and published anonymously in 1837 in a volume of his writings called The Doctor. That same year, another British writer, George Nicol, published a version of the tale written in a poetic, rhyming format. Although early versions of the tale depicted three bachelor bears and an elderly female intruder, in 1849 Joseph Cundall introduced the concept of a pretty little girl and disposed of the old woman, claiming too many tales had an elderly female narrator. In later versions of the tale, the bachelors were replaced by a family of bears.

For Once Upon a Nightmare, the story of Goldilocks needed a darker twist. So, the Behr family was crafted, an ordinary human family placed under a terrible ursine curse which the unsuspecting Goldilocks also contracts when breaking into their sylvan home.

Canon Tale Edit

Goldilocks was a young woman in Aeswick, one of the last remaining settlements in Dokrayth. Tasked with helping to find food for her village, she ventured into the countryside, the Yarrow, and smaller, less enchanted forests quite frequently. On one such trip, she encountered a home in the woods where the Behr family lived.

The Behrs were once human beings, but the patriarch of the family, a great knight, angered the wrong entity. He found himself and his family cursed into Ursine shifters, part of their humanity ripped away, forced to spend much of their lives as bears. They left civilization behind in shame and fear, building a home in the forest where they hoped to keep their shameful secret…until Goldilocks stumbled upon their home.

Although Goldilocks thought she escaped them with nothing more than a scratch, she was wrong. That scratch had transferred their curse to her, and with each day that passed Goldilocks lost another shred of humanity and came closer to embracing her fate as an Ursine shifter for the rest of time…Now the Behrs find themselves hunting her, both to save her and to spare them the shame of their secrets being realized…but can they find her in time…

Characters Edit

  • Baby Behr - Short one sentence description.
  • Goldilocks (Clara Lockwood) - Short one sentence description.
  • Mama Behr - Short one sentence description.
  • Papa Behr - Short one sentence description.

Plotlines Edit

Goldilocks is a Canon Tale ripe for exploration and interpretation. The aspects of its plot line have yet to be hashed out and many of its characters are available to those who wish to make this tale their own.

Related Stories Edit

  • Beauty and the Beast - Goldilocks grew up in the town of Aeswick in Dokrayth, the same town as Gaston and Belle.
  • The Pantheon - The former goddess of the hunt, The Huntress, was originally responsible for the cursing of the Behr family.