Griffins are creatures first created by Ceren the Huntress as a gift to her father Aethanryke the Forebearer at his wedding to Olwyn the Source. Ceren stated that it was a creature befitting the king of the gods since it was crafted from the lion, the king of beasts, and the eagle, the king of the sky.

The griffin became one of Aethanryke's most prominent symbols despite the fact that they had little to do with the passage of time. The Forebearer made it a point to be present at every griffin hatching from the moment of their creation, and was given the honor of naming the fledglings himself. In addition, there are almost always some griffins spending time at Temporalis, or Aethanryke's temple in time.

Griffins were created with the body, hindquarters, and tails of a lion and the head, wings, and talons of an eagle on their forelegs. They are wild animals which cannot be properly domesticated despite the best effort of many over the millenia since their creation.

History Edit

Griffins were created by the Huntress as a gift for her father at his official wedding to the Source. Despite their status as animals, the gift meant that the griffins themselves no longer belonged to the Huntress nor fell under the domain of her godhood but instead under the domain of the Forebearer.

The griffins were always dearly beloved by the god of time. He made it a point to be present at every hatching of young griffins and was given the honor of bestowing up on them their first name. He made no attempt to curb their feral natures, but instead encouraged them to behave as the wild animals they were. This has led to the griffin becoming one of the most feral creatures in Ga'leah, an animal that cannot be tamed.

The griffins were not immune to the Blight. Whole communites, or Eyries, fell to the plague and blighted griffins have attacked some since the plague began.

Basic information about the species. What are they? Where did they come from? What makes them special?

Culture Edit

Explain the culture of the species. Do they have any beliefs? Customs? Superstitions? You may also want to expand on the social interactions from your Bestiary entry here.

Characteristics Edit

What do they look like?

Reproduction Edit

How do they reproduce? Can they? Can they reproduce with other species?

Abilities Edit

What can they do?

Weaknesses Edit

What are their weaknesses.

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