Jack Frost

Portrayed by: Sebastian Stan

Created By: Bones
Status: Alive
Gender: Nale
Age: 4000+
Species: Fae
Position: Fae of Winter


Jack Frost was once the template for the Fae species and the spirit of Winter, but false bravado and a war with the gods changed all that. Though Jack attempted to escape the judgment of the gods following the Fae's loss in the Great War, his desertion did not go as planned. Hiding his powers in a human child, he thought that he would someday be able to reclaim the power of Winter for himself...but the power was much easier to give away than it proved to be to take back.

Early Life Edit

Jack began life as a human boy in the modern age of Ga'leah. When he nearly drowned attempting to save his sister who had fallen into an icy lake, he was spirited away by the Forebearer from the moment before his death to the past. Aethanryke had seen an important destiny for the boy, and so he was given to the Source and the Green Man to be used as a template for the Fae and eventually the spirit of Winter.

The Great War Edit

Jack played a part in the Great War, fighting the gods alongside his brethren until the war was lost and the punishment for the Fae was decided. Upon hearing the outrage of Summer as she lost her powers to the Green Man, Jack Frost fled and chose to lose his powers on his own terms. He did this by directing his power into a human child, Elsa. By doing so, he was able to decide how he lost his powers and how his now more common powers would take shape within him. Thus he became simply the Winter Fae having passed on the Spirit of Winter to the human child.

Currently Edit

Since losing his powers, Jack has taken up a nomadic lifestyle in the Hyadies mountains. Until very recently he had made no attempt to make contact with the human child he had bestowed his powers upon. However, he has determined that it is finally safe to reclaim his proper place as the Spirit of Winter and is attempting to reclaim his lost powers from the human girl, however difficult that may prove to be.

The Blight has, as yet, had little effect on Jack whose affinity for the Wind and whose place in the cold mountain environment has kept the Blight at bay.

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