The March Hare was created a servant to the White Court at the same time as his brother, the White Rabbit. The March Hare represents justice and is thus, when compared to his brother, crueler and more aggressive, more willing to pick fights. This may or may not have been influenced by some things he's gone through.
March Hare
Portrayed by: Chace Crawford

Portrayed by: Chace Crawford

Created By: Eliza
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Age: Age
Species: Hare Faemiliar
Position: Knight of Justice

White Court

Also known as Kelly, the faemiliar puts the king and queen of the court first, followed immediately by their princess, and then the rest of the court. A betrayal to them is a betrayal to him, and he delivers justice eagerly, especially when he is given the command by his creator.

Power Edit

There's a thing he can because the faemiliar thing

History Edit

When the princess to the white court was born, the queen decided that she ought to have specific protectors. And so the rabbits were born: the Knight of Justice among them.

Disappearance of the Princess Edit

Because it changed everything.

Young Love Edit

Because she changed everything. And then sadness.

The Blight Edit

Because corruption fucks everything up.

Return of the Princess Edit

Upon the return of the princess, Kelly felt nothing but relief, though the loss of direction in recovering her was also painful. He was much quicker to recover this than his brother, as he decided that acting as a vetter to the guests, though perhaps a suspicious one, was a good use of his time. This was quickly changed as his queen sent him on another path altogether: to go to the human world and retrieve the prince’s siblings. At first, he was in disbelief, but he found this more intriguing than entirely off-putting. Besides, she was his queen, his creator, and he would not dare to go against her wishes. He sought to please her.

Personality Edit

Because he has one!

Relationships Edit

Because they're important.

And other stuff as necessary?

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