Maritanis is the kingdom of the sea. It surrounds the land of Ga’leah and extends in every direction for unknown lengths. Even the small islands that can be found off the coast of Ga’Leah are claimed by the kingdom of Maritanis, who unlike the other kingdoms of Ga’leah, is home to two separate realms.

Above the waves, pirates rule. No ship can sail across Maritanis’s waters without running afoul of the Pirate King. The pirates dock their ships and bury their treasure on the islands they lay claim to. While they sometimes ferry goods and people if the payment is worth their while, they also attack and pillage the coastal cities of Ga’Leah to line their pockets with treasure and resources.

Below the waves, Triton rules both the Merkind and the ocean itself. For the most part, Merkind attempt to live their lives apart from the rest of Ga’Leah. Created by the Coming Tide to safeguard the oceans from human or Faery harm, they take their god given duties very seriously. The humans they are forced to have the most contact with are the pirates who attempt to share their domain. But the Merpeople have an intense hatred of the pirates, one that has caused loss of life and decades of ill will between both peoples.

There is only one place where the differences between Pirate and Merkind, ocean and land, are put aside. The Sanctuary is an island whose origin is shrouded in mystery. A place where magic prevents violence of any kind, it has become a place where land and sea can meet for peace talks, trade agreements, and more.

The Blight has had a devastating effect upon the oceans. The Walking Starvation has proved infectious even among Merkind, some of whom have been turned into flesh hungry monsters who hunt for food both above and below the waves. Other monsters have also begun to show themselves, causing terrifying shipwrecks for the pirates and massive loss of life for both realms of the Maritanis. Perhaps the most frightening of these is a massive, supernatural whale dubbed 'Monstro' who ravages pirate, Merkind, and human without discretion.

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