Mouse Little
Mouse Little

Portrayed by Ashley Moore

Created By: Marley
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Age: 146
Species: Changeling
Position: Servant


About Edit

Mouse Little was born one hundred and forty-six years ago, in a small village in Galleah. The result of a one night stand with a traveling peddler, Mouse was kept locked away by her mother for the first five years of her life. Her mother was ashamed, and feared being the subject of gossip. As a result, Mouse was shut up in an unused back room, and mostly left to fend for herself, with little human interaction-and what she had tended to be abusive.

Shortly after her fifth birthday, Mouse's father returned. Her mother forced him to take custody of Mouse, and the two departed. For the next several years, Mouse lived with her father. He wasn't much better than her mother, calling her Girl as if it was her name, forcing her to sell matches, and beating her when she couldn't.

When she was ten, she was 'rescued'--afterva fashion--by a man working for Jareth. He brought her back to the Labrynth, where Jareth took over her care. She was made into a changeling, and spent the next hundred years or so in the Goblin King's palace. The other goblins, and the children there, helped her learn to speak, and her vocabulary grew by leaps and bounds . She started to come out of her shell a bit and began to develop a personality.

A few years ago, the girl, now called Mouse, was taken in by a fairy woman. The woman, Mama as Mouse calls her, has kept the girl in a childlike state for the last forty years or so. She does everything for the girl, leaving Mouse even more stunted and odd than usual. Still, she's managing to find some friends in Allutheria. Only time will tell what the future will hold fir the little Dormouse.

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