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Once Upon a Nightmare is a dark fantasy play by post roleplaying game hosted on the jcink service.  We strive to take childhood classics and reinvent them in and exciting ways.  In our world, Queen Gwenhwyfar's execution for treason against the king was interrupted by a zombie invasion; Cinderella is a half-fae pyrokinetic with a dark heritage even she does not entirely understand; Hansel and Gretel eat the flesh of the witches they kill to imbue them with magical powers; and so much more!

This is a collaborative effort created and maintained by the membership of OUAN to allow everyone a quick reference site for all of the intricacies of our ever-growing and evolving lore.

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"Though my companions often suggest that I am not as cheerful as they would like. Happiness is not inherent to my kind. Contentment, certainly, but not happiness. For something to be pleasant it must make you happy, yes? You understand my dilemma then.”
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