Basic information about the species. What are they? Where did they come from? What makes them special?

History Edit

The history of the species. Feel free to go into more detail than there is in the Bestiary on the site.

Although Sentinels were not officially established until the appearance of the Blight when the Gods needed them most, there have been individuals deemed worthy of such a title beforehand. These beings could fill the role of healer, warrior, or anything in between so long as their faith remained true to their given missions in aid to the Pantheon. One such group were the phoenixes, such as Adam, who were rewarded with human forms after their assistance in the Great War with the Fae to better empathize with and assimilate into the cultures of the Pantheon's newest creations: humans. Other individuals such as the First Unicorn created in Allutheria, who crossed worlds and ended up a devout Priest to the Matchmaker, may also lay claim to this title prior to the existence of the Blight.

After the fall of Caelum, the need for Sentinels became more apparent. It was then decided that nonhuman followers of the Pantheon who had proven themselves worthy of the title and were otherwise removed from other destinies could become part of the privileged group. Among these beings were the griffins Valiant and Victory.

Culture Edit

Explain the culture of the species. Do they have any beliefs? Customs? Superstitions? You may also want to expand on the social interactions from your Bestiary entry here.

Characteristics Edit

What do they look like?

Reproduction Edit

How do they reproduce? Can they? Can they reproduce with other species?

Abilities Edit

What can they do?

Weaknesses Edit

What are their weaknesses.

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