Stonehedge is a large and lengthy forest that extends across the base of the Hyadies on the Calladahn side.

It is inhabited by Lamia, the Mother of Naga, and gains its name from the stone gardens she prefers to create with her abilities whenever she receives too many visitors. The forest was gifted to her by her father the Green Man so she would remain close to Caelum without having to be stationed on the mountain itself.

History Edit

The first forests in Ga'leah were sparse as much attention took to growing them amidst the tribulations wrought by the Green Man, Lightgiver, Living Flame, and Stormbringer as the gods settled into their established roles. The first forest to take root and withstand the natural disasters thrown its way was one set at the base of the Hyadies as the mountains helped shield the canopy from too many elements.

This forest has existed since before the first Fae were brought into existence, but it has grown immensely. It was known by many names but never by one name. The Green Man's first Fae priests and priestesses built a temple in his honor in this forest, but this temple was later demolished and desecrated by Cerberus during the Great War. As revenge for the injustices done to his people, the Green Man tortured Cerberus to death.

Lamia was created in this temple and given this forest to protect so that another horrific event such as the one Cerberus had wrought would never happen again.

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