Swan Lake
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Casting is Open
Location Dokrayth
Characters Dokraythian Prince, Odette, Odile, Rothbart
See Also The White Court, The Red Court, The Fall of Dokrayth, House Vauclain
Swan Lake is a Russian folktale made famous by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875 and was first performed by the Bolshoi Ballet in 1877. Now one of the most recognizable and beloved ballets in the world, the tale of Odette, turned into a swan by a sorcerer's curse has also inspired animated and traditional motion pictures.

Once Upon a Nightmare chose to make Odette a Princess in one of the two most populous faery courts in the faery land of Allutheria. This allowed her transformation by the evil Rothbart to be related to the rivalries between the courts. To allow for maximum interaction, she was also to be expelled from Allutheria and into Ga'leah where she would eventually encounter a prince who might be the one to help free her, a prince who is also trying to rebuild his kingdom after the Blight decimated it.

Canon Tale Edit

Odette was once a fairy princess of the White Court of Allutheria, until one of the Advisers to the Red Court transformed both Odette and her handmaidens into a flock of perfect white swans and banished them to the mortal realm. There, they sought refuge in the nearly abandoned land of Dokrayth in a small pond within the enchanted forest known as the Yarrow. During the daylight hours, they must remain swans, but during the hours of moonlight they are allowed to assume human form. They are, however, denied their true fairy forms and the magic that accompanies it.

The Fairy Adviser to the Red Court, Rothbart, tasked his own daughter with keeping the Princess under careful surveillance and thwarting any attempt she might make to break the spell. She was determined to do this by assuming Odette's appearance exactly and confusing anyone who might seek to undo the enchantment.

Meanwhile, a Prince of Dokrayth and the rightful King returned to his decimated kingdom following its destruction by the Walking Starvation and the tragic loss of his parents. He and a band of his most trusted knights and magical advisers began a desperate search for survivors and a battle to reclaim their kingdom from the Plague.

Characters Edit

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Plotlines Edit

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Related Stories Edit

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