Sword of Truth

"Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!"
The Sword of Truth is a weapon of extraterrestrial origin and has numerous magical properties. The sword itself carries the blessing of the Starmaker and insists that the wielder of the sword carries the endorsement of the god.

Creation Edit

The sword of truth was forged by Prince Tahir under the guidance of the Starmaker. It's forged from magical meteorite and various extraterrestrial minerals with the purpose of aiding the prince on his journey to rescue Princess Aurora

Powers Edit

The sword is magical and acts as an extension of its host, changing its properties such as weight, length, etc. in order to adapt to a variety of situations. It's also believed to amplify the strikes of the user's attacks.

Weaknesses Edit

It depends upon its user and is typically sensitive to things such as their will, emotional state, thoughts, etc. E.G. Those less focused tend to get weaker strikes and less accurate hits.

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