Overview Edit

The afterlife of Ga'leah is very different than one might think. All things come from the essence which is an energy stream from which all things flow. Souls are made of this essence and will return to the essence after the physical body dies. When a person dies their souls are either reaped by the Soul reaper herself or one of her many reapers. They are placed in Limbo and await their turn when they are judged by the Soul Reaper. Once the soul is judged they are returned to the essence. Depending on the darkness of a soul or goodness of a soul determines where in the essence they are placed. Once a soul is returned to the essence a soul can never return to the land of the living.

Limbo Edit

Limbo is the waiting room so to speak of the dead. It is a kind of shadow realm that souls go to while awaiting final judgement. Few souls get to return straight to the essence before coming to Limbo. Here souls wander about and have time to reflect on their lives. Souls can only be summoned out of Limbo and the magic that one uses for this is very dark, ancient, and are also taboo. Pieces of the soul when summoned out of Limbo are left behind often times.

The Essence Edit

The essence is an energy stream from which all life is derived. However, in order to understand how it serves as the final resting place of the soul one must think of it three-dimensionally with several layers. The bottom of the essence is closest to the void or the nothingness of the world. Souls that are darker will end up in the lower layers of the essence. The better a soul is the higher up they are placed. A soul may work their way up the layers over time as the essence purifies them.

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