The Big Bad Wolf
Created By A Puny Man
Status NPC
The Basics
Gender Male??
Age Juvenile
Species Pathetic
Position Submissive
Affiliation Lapdog

The Big Bad Wolf was a chronic bedwetter known for being fearful of his own shadow.  The only ‘Bad’ thing about him was his odor, and he was certainly not known by the ladies for being ‘Big’.  After becoming a leg-humping nuisance to the High Court, the god of Time had him ‘fixed’ and turned him into a proper lapdog.

The Man

It is questionable if the Big Bad Wolf was ever truly a man. A boy perhaps. But he never seemed to have matured beyond fart jokes and laughing when someone said the word 'sex'.

The Wolf

More of a Chihuahua, he barked and whined and pretended to be tough but was never more than an ankle-biter.

The Player

Originally created by 'Tony' who lived under a bridge as all good trolls do. With the attention span of a goldfish, he was prone to comings and goings and for this reason no one was much bothered by his periodic trolling, they all knew that as with everything in his life, he would not be able to stick with it long. Of course, this does not bode well for anyone in his bed if such a miracle were to occur.

The wise and patient rulers recognized that he was merely a sad man desperate to relive the glory days of a fictional character that has been forgotten by everyone who matters. His efforts to be taken to wonderland culminated in little more than a fugue state for both him and the character over which he obsessed.