Intro Edit

The Elementals are a group of four fae that were created by Olwyn. They are part of the 15 original fae created. The four elementals despite being created by Olwyn consider themselves to be the daughters or sons of their particular elements. While like all fae they are able to do an array of different forms of magic they are most adept and strongest with their particular element.

Their Story Edit

In the beginning there were fifteen original fae that were created by Olwyn, Aethanryke and the Greenman. The Endless, seven siblings gifted with abstract forces that appeared naturally within the world. The Seasons by pan to hold dominion over the seasons. The last of these original fae to be created were the four Elementals. These four could each respectably control one of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The elementals although created by Olwyn considered themselves the daughters and sons of their elements. When the unrest began, starting with the Endless and The Seasonal fae the four Elementals chose to remove themselves from the fighting. They did not wish to anger the gods. However, as the war became more and more furious and battles were fought the Elementals had no choice but to join. They chose to join the war counsels of the fae to try and ensure that the battles were fought fairly and with honor. If they were to fight a war they wanted it to be fair, but then the gods themselves began to take advantage of their immense amounts of power adding brutality and torture to among their arsenals. The fae were weak to defeat such power. When the day of the final battle came the four elementals stood together as one to combat the gods. Etain the daughter of water had lost countless children including her husband. Gaia the daughter of earth had seen her daughters of the trees hacked and burned to the ground with their dying screams ringing in her ears. The sons of Fire and Air, Ashbel and Aeolus had gone unharmed for the most part only having lost lovers and friends to the hatred of the gods. Despite their combined power though they could not beat the gods back. As the battle was won and the gods began to round of up the fae to put into their imprisonment three escaped, the daughter of earth and the sons of fire and air. Etain was taken albeit willingly as she had much to despair and had lost her will to fight. The other three were hunted down throughout Ga’leah till each found a way to escape the Greenman. Gaia became a willow tree in the great Oasis in Solhara, Aeolus split himself into the four winds, and Ashbel became the first salamanders and flint stones.

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