The Legacy was a pirate galleon, and in its time, one of the most famous ships on the waters of Maritanis. The Legacy was especially known for its creative tactics, and frequently set traps for traveling merchant ships.

History Edit

The Legacy was constructed in 1957 AH in the kingdom of Dokrayth, the brainchild of a gifted young shipwright and intended originally for Dokraythian military service. The ship would never make it to its intended crew, however, as Archibald Bonny led his crew in an elaborate ruse that had them posing as the naval crew, taking delivery of the ship, and sailing it off into the sunset. At the time, Bonny was already a well-known pirate captain, and the theft of this new ship became one of his crowning achievements.

Bonny continued proving himself a clever and aggressive captain, a master tactician, and his crew consistently found themselves fed and paid, which further burnished his reputation. Despite this, Bonny never sought to challenge for the title of Pirate King - his reasons remain unknown. As he grew older however his reputation began to slip, especially when it was discovered the Captain had taken his daughter aboard and was training her as a pirate as well. Bonny was old by the time young Amelia came of age, and she gradually took over more and more responsibility for running the ship. The truth was that his mind was failing, and his daughter covered for him more and more, taking over navigation and most day to day tasks, with Archibald becoming more of a figurehead, than a true captain. Despite this, the crew continued to find success, though they lost some of the older and more traditionally-minded pirates to the influence of the lady pirate.

A few days before the Blight overtook the seas completely, the Legacy was caught in a squall off the coast of Dokrayth, and was set upon by dozens of blighted creatures from the sea. Captain Bonny was killed, and his daughter took command of the ship, managing to sail it to the coast and shelter from the storm as the crew killed off the last of the attacking monsters. At that time, Archibald's will was found, naming the first mate - and not Amelia - his successor as Captain. Amelia was left ashore, and the Legacy sailed back into open water against her protests.

Since that day, the Legacy has not been seen, and is presumed lost.

Crew Manifest Edit

  • Archibald Bonny - Captain (Former, Deceased)
  • Amelia Bonny - Navigator (Former)
  • Fergus Hayward - First Mate/Captain (Missing)
  • [NPCs]

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