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The Pride Lands are a grassland with sparse trees and a typically warm climate which was gifted to the Skinwalkers by the Huntress as their refuge from humanity. 

There are no human settlements within the Pride Lands. No man built shelters or towns. Because of the nature of the Skinwalkers, most outsiders rarely brave the wild and dangerous nature of the Pride Lands.
The outskirts of the Pride Lands are populated by some tribal societies much like the Skinwalkers but without the god given ability to shapechange.  These tribes may from time to time venture onto Skinwalker territory to hunt, but they do so at their own risk.  Wars between the humans and the Skinwalkers have begun over much less.

The Lion KingEdit

The King of the Pride Lands Skinwalkers is appointed from a royal bloodline during a gathering of the clans at Pride Rock.  All the Skinwalkers who often live in smaller groups throughout the savanna

The Pretender to the ThroneEdit

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