The Sortilege Edit

The Sortilege is a school for Halfling (or humans with Fae ancestry that allows them to perform magic.)  The Sortilege uses magical and nonmagical methods to locate Halflings.  They have also been known to use force both to take the Halflings and to keep them in the school.  Too many, the Sortilege is as much a prison as an academy.  Those who graduate the Sortilege never speak of their education within its walls.

Some nonmagical individuals seek temporary admitance into the Soritlege when in need of magical assistance from the school's headmaster, the mythical Wizard of Oz.  It is said, however, that his assistance often comes at a terrible price.

History Edit

The Sortilege was founded many years ago by a Fae who called himself the Wizard of Oz.  He claimed to have created the insitution as a kindness for the Halflings of Ga'leah who deserved to have the chance to master their gifts.

Even in its early days, the Soritlege was shrouded in controversy as rumors of kidnapping and imprisonment were waged against the school.  Furthermore, many claim the Wizard of Oz is a notorious criminal known for swindling Fae and Human alike. 

Culture Edit

Notable PersonsEdit

The Sortilege is not without its enemies, the most famous of which as been dubbed 'the Wicked Wich of the West' by Soritlege founder the Wizard of Oz.  Rumored to have stolen a powerful book of magic after casting a spell over the Sortilege itself, the Witch fled.

A bounty has been placed upon her head, with great reward promised to the one who returns the book and the Witch to the Sortilege.  Since the bounty was announced, many have sought to apprehend her but no one has yet to succeed.