Tiana Falada

Portrayed by: Nathalie Emmanuel

Created By: Violet
Status: alive
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Human
Position: Handmaiden

Princess Charlotte

Tiana is the Handmaiden to Charlotte Vauclain, Princess of Dokrayth. Before the Blight hit, she was traveling with the Princess to Solhara for a diplomatic mission. When news of the blight reached the caravan, one of Charlotte's guards suggested that the Princess trade places with one of her handmaidens so the Solharans wouldn't know the real Princess. The only Handmaiden who even looked like Charlotte however just happened to be his niece. Though Tiana was against it, Charlotte agreed. They have since nicknamed the false Princess, the Imposter, as she is incredibly mean spirited to everyone but especially Charlotte.

Personality Edit

Generous, Kind, Compassionate. All things that can be used to describe Tiana, raised at Charlotte's side, she knows her place in life and rarely steps a toe even remotely out of line. Graceful, yet demure enough to go unnoticed on a constant basis, Tiana uses this to her advantage, gathering information and sneaking into places no one but a servant would notice. She loves to laugh, but you won't know that unless you take the time to really get to know her. She has her devious moments, recently she's taken to playing nasty tricks on the Imposter, tricks that there is no way they can be traced back to her. Fiercely loyal to her friends, Tiana would gladly sacrifice her own life for any one of them, not that she has many.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Tia is just a human, plain and simple, with no magical abilities whatsoever.

She does have a quick mind like a steel trap, storing information that may or may not be useful to her Princess at a later date. Deft hands allow her to smuggle things in and out for much the same reason, communiques that the real Princess needs to see are her personal favorite.

The Road So Far ... The Yarrow Arc Edit

Trapped in servitude to the Imposter has been difficult, and Tiana has done her best to remain strong for Lottie. Unable to hold it all in however, Tiana found her way into the Sultan's Garden where she thought she might be able to have a good cry all by herself. Instead, she meets a talking frog by the name of Naveen! Little does she know that Naveen is actually Prince Percius Marillac of Xehacora, cursed to spend his days as a frog.

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