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This is an Open Canon Character available on OUAN. If there are any pertinent Canon details concerningactive characters that are important to this open character, you will find it below. Please check out the Little Mermaid Canon Tale to learn more about their story line.

If you have created this character for OUAN and your application has been accepted, you may use this page to create your character's required Wiki Page by erasing this content and composing your own.

Pre-Established Canon Edit

Ursula had a short lived deal with Maleficent. She would eliminate the High King and Queen and in return would be given the opportunity to help kill her mother, Lyrielle the Coming Tide and lay claim to her vacated godhood of the sea. She attempted to magically remove and mutate Arthur's love for his wife to destroy them, but was outwitted. For this failure, Maleficent severed their deal and had another minion kill Lyrielle and did not deliver her godhood to Ursula.

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