Wizard of Oz
Casting is Open
Location Allutheria
Characters Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, Glinda, Scarecrow, The Wicked Witch, The Wizard, Tin Man, Toto
See Also Changeling, Goblin Court, Half Fae, The Sortilege, Faemiliar, Skinwalker
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a novel written by L. Frank Baum in 1900. Its popularity resulted in a Broadway musical written by Baum himself, a 1939 movie adaption, and spawned a series of thirteen sequels all further expanding the Land of Oz.

Although Allutheria could have been transformed into Oz as well as Wonderland, it was determined by the staff of Once Upon A Nightmare that the world of Allutheria already had quite a number of plots all vying for domination in the Land of Fae. Instead, The Wizard of Oz would utilize The Sortilege, a magic school of sorts with a much more nefarious purpose. It is here, at the Sortilege, that the Wizard can be found, but whether he will fulfill dreams or cause nightmares remains to be seen.

Canon Tale Edit

Characters Edit

  • Cowardly Lion - Short one sentence description.
  • Dorothy - An amnesiac searching for home.
  • Glinda - A Half-Fae, formerly friends with the Wicked Witch, unwittingly made to believe that the Wizard's intentions are good.
  • Scarecrow - A cursed individual (can be human, Fae, or Half-Fae).
  • The Wicked Witch - A green Half-Fae tricked into using her considerable power to open a portal beneath the Sortilege to allow the Wizard to trade children to the Goblin Court to be enslaved by the Fae.
  • The Wizard - Short one sentence description.
  • Tin Man - A cursed individual (can be human, Fae, or Half-Fae).
  • Toto - Dorothy's faithful companion and dog, possibly a Faemiliar or cursed individual.

Plotlines Edit

The Wizard of Oz is a Canon Tale ripe for exploration and interpretation. The aspects of its plot line have yet to be hashed out and many of its characters are available to those who wish to make this tale their own.

Related Stories Edit

  • Labyrinth- The Wizard has made an arrangement with Jareth the Goblin King to supply him and his Court with children to be transformed into Changelings. What he gets out of this arrangement is, as yet, unknown.